JULIE JACOBSON/Associated Press

Me (Tuesday): “Hey, dude. Don’t forget that our fantasy draft is this Sunday at 7:30, OK?”

Friend (Tuesday): “Yeah, man, don’t worry. I ain’t missing that. I’m dominating this year.”

Friend (Saturday): “Hey, something came up and I may be late to the draft tomorrow, just FYI. Don’t worry, though, I’m pre-ranking guys so you suckers are still all going down.”

Me (Sunday at 7:30): “Dude, you making it to the draft or what? Your team is about to be on the board.”


And for the next two hours, every other fantasy owner in the draft is forced to see a someone imaginarily draft another person’s team, usually getting screwed over because the rankings take the highest-rated player left on the board.

Auto-drafting a fantasy team takes the fun out of a live draft, with no strategy whatsoever in play because a computer selects for a team.

Oh, and that whole “pre-ranking guys” thing doesn’t ever happen outside of about 50 players, so don’t think that anyone’s buying that crap.

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