Once in awhile, a female performer comes along who transcends the women’s division and stands alongside her male counterparts as a legitimate star in World Wrestling Entertainment. In this, the New Era of WWE, Charlotte has achieved that rarefied air.

Over the last two years, Charlotte has developed into an elite performer in WWE. Not only the face of a women’s revolution, she has also become one of the most visible stars in the company. She appears on marketing materials and promotional pieces and has been an integral part of WWE programming since her main roster debut in 2015.

Her significance to the WWE product and her incredible star has never been more apparent than in the recent Superstar Shake-up.

When SmackDown Live was pillaged by Raw, a handful of its stars stolen to bolster the red brand’s roster, it received only a handful of competitors in return. Many had potential but were not legitimate stars capable of lending credibility to the Tuesday night show.

Kevin Owens was one.

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