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A day after UFC President Dana White appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd (h/t’s Shaun Al-Shatti) and estimated Conor McGregor would earn $75 million from a potential showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr., McGregor raised the monetary bar on Instagram. 

In the NSFW post, McGregor said he thinks he could gross nine figures if a deal is ultimately made:

I don’t need glasses I just like how they look on my face even tho they tilt on me cos of my banged up nose and ears I still feel like I look good happy Thursday everyone how’s that 75milli make your stomach feel? It’s actually 100+ milli if we go by the non conservative numbers the fight will actually do and that’s not including my endorsements and business ventures. 28 years of age. Fresh c–t. Doubt me now.

Incidentally, $100 million is the same projection White referenced for Mayweather Jr.’s purse during Wednesday’s conversation with Cowherd. 

White also disclosed that the fight is closer to being finalized than ever before, although he still has work to do when it comes to getting a firm commitment from Money. 

“I think we get the McGregor side in the next couple of days,” he said, according to Fox Sports. “And then I go lock myself in a room for a couple days with Team Mayweather and see what we can come out with.”

The complete appearance can be viewed below, courtesy of Cowherd’s official YouTube channel: 

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