The Liverpool Echo Arena awash with chanting, singing pro wrestling fans as CM Punk steps between the ropes for the first time in three years. The tattooed grappler stares down Zack Sabre Jr. in a world far from WWE.

Anticipation fills the building like water in a sinking ship.

Could this fantasy scene actually unfold? Could the former WWE star re-enter the ring by way of the British independent wrestling scene?

The promoter of 5 Star Wrestling certainly hopes so.

Daniel Hinkles, headman and founder of the upstart wrestling promotion, is willing to reach to the very bottom of his pockets to secure Punk. 

Gary Stonehouse of The Sun wrote: “The former WWE world champion has been offered the biggest contract ever seen in UK by British organisation 5 Star Wrestling to make a comeback.”

A million dollars to be exact.

Hinkles wants to entice Punk out of retirement to compete in a 128-man tournament in June.

Punk, though, hasn’t wrestled since his ugly divorce with WWE in early 2014. He has since been busy writing comic books, trying to transition into being a UFC fighter and is set to appear on The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros, as MTV announced in April.

When word of 5 Star Wrestling’s offer emerged, doubt naturally kept up for many. After all, every other whisper of a potential Punk return has dissipated with nothing to show for it. wondered aloud about the situation: “Publicity stunt? Or could this actually happen?”

It’s far from a safe bet, but that’s quite the hefty paycheck potentially awaiting Punk.

He would be given a hero’s welcome if he returned. By signing on with the British promotion, he wouldn’t have to mend the scorched bridge with WWE. He would be able to return to his roots, performing wrestling in a pure form.

Punk’s short return tenure would likely look a lot like AJ Styles’ run with 5 Star Wrestling in January 2016.

Per, Styles faced Jay Lethal, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison in a three-day span. He offered fans a trio of dream matches, cashed his check and traveled onward.

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