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The Kansas City Royals are World Series champions for the first time in 30 years, and in honor of the accomplishment, some Kansas City-area schools are canceling classes Tuesday so students and staff can go to the victory parade.

When the Royals beat the New York Mets in Game 5 to win the 2015 World Series, school districts in Royals country faced a difficult decision: Should they have class as usual Tuesday, or should they close for the day to let everyone celebrate with the team?

It’s undoubtedly an interesting dilemma.

After discussing the situation, some schools made the decision Monday that they would not hold classes on the day of the victory parade:

Perhaps those schools anticipated an extraordinary number of absences, by both students and staff. It just made the most sense to these schools to close for the day and let everyone enjoy the championship.

While some schools decided to shut down in honor of the Royals, others will stay open. With all due respect to the schools that will hold classes Tuesday, what will the kids—and adults, for that matter—remember more: the history lesson from Nov. 3, 2015, or a championship celebration?

Again, Kansas City hadn’t won a World Series in 30 years. As much talent as the Royals have, who knows when something like this will happen again? This isn’t Boston, which has nine major sports championships since 2002. Every Kansas City-area school should just chalk this up as a snow day and let people enjoy what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There’s no arguing the importance of education. However, there are certain events that will allow a community to bond and give everyone memories that will last a lifetime. In those rare instances, schools should be able to give everyone a day off.


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