Few moments in WWE are more exciting than a character turn. WWE’s dynamic brand is defined by its ability to change at any moment. The latest wrestler seemingly on the verge of making an exciting shift in his character is

The latest wrestler seemingly on the verge of making an exciting shift in his character is AJ Styles, whom fans have been expecting to turn face for months now. However, only the past few weeks have shown that WWE is on board with Styles as a face once again.

Last week on SmackDown Live, the landscape of the show changed dramatically. New wrestlers, who included Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, made their debuts on the product while Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose were among those who moved to Monday Night Raw. 

However, it was a subtle move that could have a more dramatic impact on SmackDown: the decision to have AJ Styles win a main event Triple Threat match to earn a United States Championship match against Owens (or Chris Jericho if he wins at Payback on April 30, which is unlikely).

That decision set the stage for a change involving Styles that could shift the main event scene of SmackDown significantly. Heel vs. heel matches are rarely seen in WWE because fans lack a clear wrestlers to root for. Thus, any time a heel wrestler begins a rivalry with a fellow heel, the end goal is more than likely a face turn for one of the two wrestlers.

Given Styles has already shown face tendencies at times when his ego is not front and center, including his respectful handshake with Shane McMahon after WrestleMania, it would make sense for Styles to be on the precipice of a turn to the light. The popular wrestler has the move set and the style to pull it off, while KO has always been a natural bad guy who already helped turn Jericho face a couple months back.

However, there are concerns over such a big move with Styles. The cocky wrestler has been an ideal fit for SmackDown, helping to redefine the show and brand, and it is hard to say he could make the same impact as a face. While fans would certainly embrace Styles as the hero, it is not as easy to say that SmackDown needs him more in the role.

The following are the pros and cons involved with making The Phenomenal One a face in the coming months with regard to its effect on the brand and his personal success.


Pro: Fans have always been ready to cheer Styles

Styles has been heavily over with the WWE Universe since day one. Even while he played the role of villain to perfection, “AJ Styles” chants echoed through the arena in every one of his matches. While fans often cheer talented heels, Styles has never been able to convince fans to hate him.

In a modern era of wrestling where everyone understands the business, talent often wins out, and Styles may just be the best wrestler in the world right now. His ability to pull the best out of all his opponents and step up as the spotlight gets brighter draws respect from any onlooker.

With WWE still desperately trying to create new stars that the fans will embrace, Styles easily fits the mold, and he could find wider mainstream success as SmackDown’s top face rather than the top heel.


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