Welcome to the “Land of Opportunity” on SmackDown Live. While that title has been a frequently used moniker of the brand since the WWE draft last July, SmackDown had not made any dramatic moves to showcase how the whole roster had a chance to succeed until the April 18 edition of SmackDown, where Jinder Mahal won a Six-Pack Challenge and earned a main event shot at WWE champion Randy Orton at Backlash on May 21.

This move was such a shocking turn that it left most in shock. Just the previous week, Mahal had been losing minute-long matches on Monday Night Raw, and his transition to SmackDown Live through the Superstar Shake-up was hardly encouraging as he lost in decisive fashion once more to Mojo Rawley.

As the news settles in, it brings up the most crucial question: Can Mahal actually step up and pull out a main event match for SmackDown? The heel roster on the brand is lacking for quality talent at the moment, and Mahal has always been a reliable hand if not much else. The man who holds Mahal’s future in his hands is Orton, the current WWE champion.

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