The meteoric rise of Braun Strowman to the top of the WWE’s flagship show Raw can be directly linked to his program with Roman Reigns and the incredible heat The Big Dog draws on a weekly basis.

The fan response that has contributed to his meteoric rise since February is the result of working with Reigns. The second-generation, three-time WWE champion generates molten-hot reactions wherever he goes. Like John Cena before him, Reigns is someone whose mere presence alone demands an electric atmosphere.

Those who despise Reigns and the push he has enjoyed since January 2015 will grasp at straws and attempt to come up with any denial possible to diminish the effect the face of the WWE has had on The Monster Among Men’s run. They will credit Strowman alone for eliciting the raucous reactions or blame an unusually hot storyline for the red-hot WWE Universe.

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