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    TJP working over the injured leg of Austin Aries.Credit:

    Nobody is ever going to accuse 205 Live of being perfect, but no one is going to argue against the cruiserweight division’s consistency in its matches.

    Some Superstars are more well-rounded than others, but everyone on the roster has the potential to steal the show on any given night.

    The division is still building itself up, and if we start to see the same kinds of matches on Raw as we do on 205 Live, the cruiserweights might start being taken more seriously.

    The feud between Austin Aries and Neville has picked up steam in recent weeks, and the addition of TJP has added an extra layer to the story.

    Let’s take a look at everything that happened on this week’s episode of 205 Live.

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    The first match of the night featured Noam Dar taking on a Superstar we don’t see nearly enough of on 205 Live, Gran Metalik.

    The masked grappler was one of the standouts during the Cruiserweight Classic, and he even made it all the way to the final round against TJP. It’s strange how WWE has failed to come up with a reason to push him, especially since he is such a great wrestler.

    His high-flying skills were on full display until Dar grounded him with some vicious attacks on his arm. It was a nice clash of styles, which is funny considering the smaller competitor was the one keeping the action on the mat.

    Dar picked up the win after a fun back-and-forth match. It’s disappointing not seeing Metalik being taken more seriously, but he could gain momentum if he keeps putting on performances like he did in this bout.


    Grade: B-


    Notes and Highlights

  • Despite the storyline being stale, it was nice to see WWE have Dar accompany Fox to the ring for her match on Raw. It makes their relationship seem a little more real, but not by much. Showing a clip of Foxy’s win over Sasha Banks was a nice touch.
  • Metalik has the best mask in WWE right now. It’s simple but recognizable. 
  • Dar is almost as good at hiding behind his girlfriend as The Miz is at hiding behind his wife.
  • It was great to see Cedric Alexander get a return vignette after the match. He is one of the most versatile competitors in the division.

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    We were scheduled to see Tony Nese battle Mustafa Ali, but Drew Gulak stopped the match from happening by attacking Ali during his entrance.

    Nese helped Gulak decimate his rival with a brutal running knee to the face. The segment was short, but it did more to build the feud between Ali and Gulak than the past several weeks worth of interactions.

    Gulak’s gimmick isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but he is throwing himself into it with everything he has, and you have to admire him for that.


    Grade: B-


    Notes and Highlights

  • Having Gulak and Nese team up was a nice bit of continuity. They used to work tag matches together all the time, but still appear to be allies while going their separate ways.
  • The attack was followed by a backstage segment. Someone tried to send Rich Swann a package, but he recognized it as a prank and had the delivery man give it to Ariya Daivari. 
  • Corey Graves and Tom Philips could barely hold it together after watching Daivari get covered in white powder. It’s nice to see the announcers enjoy themselves once in awhile. They can be too serious sometimes.

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    The main event of the evening saw TJP continue his quest to take out Austin Aries. Neville didn’t accompany his friend to the ring, which helped keep the focus on Aries and TJP where it should be.

    It has been fun to watch TJP’s transformation into a heel over the past several weeks. He isn’t getting as much heat as he could be, but there is plenty of time to build him into the most annoying millennial in the world.

    The former cruiserweight champion made good no his promise to Neville to focus on the injured knee of Aries, and A Double sold everything perfectly.

    TJP did a lot of damage, but Aries was able to overcome and get the win with the Last Chancery. As soon as the bell rang, Neville rushed the ring and attacked his rival. 

    Jack Gallagher made the save and inserted himself right back into the hunt for the title. 


    Grade: B+


    Notes and Highlights

  • Did WWE change Aries’ entrance music a little? Something about it sounded different this week.
  • When Aries boxes a competitor’s ears, it always looks so painful. Anyone who has never had that happen to them has no idea how painful it can be.
  • It was nice to hear the crowd be more vocal than usual.

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