As WWE enters spring, it’s becoming painfully honest who its next big project is as the dog days of summer approach. But after two weeks of all-world stunts, Braun Strowman is becoming less of a pet project and more of a bona fide star. 


Ring-a-Mania III 

Strowman added yet another clip to his growing highlight reel as he and Big Show participated in WWE’s third ringbreaking superplex spot. Though the spot was familiar, WWE has waited long enough to perform it so it remains special. The hit-or-miss crowd in Columbus, Ohio, was fully on board with the stunt. 

As of this writing, the clip has amassed over four million views on YouTube as Strowman’s star surges. Last week’s ambulance tipping spot is well over eight million as Strowman clips on YouTube have surpassed 12 million in their last two weeks. 

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